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Introduction to the integration
Why integrate IBM ® Marketing Operations and IBM ® Campaign?
A propos de l'intégration à IBM ® Marketing Operations
Overview of the data transfer between IBM ® Marketing Operations and IBM ® Campaign
Differences between integrated and stand-alone IBM ® Campaign
Differences between integrated and stand-alone IBM ® Marketing Operations
License and permission issues for IBM ® Marketing Operations and IBM ® Campaign integration
Disabling or re-enabling integration
For more information
Integrating Marketing Operations and Campaign
Configuration settings for integrated deployment
Designing your campaign project templates, forms, and attributes
Designing campaign project templates
Designing the Target Cell Spreadsheet and other forms
Campaign Summary section
About Target Cell Spreadsheets
Default cell attributes for Target Cell Spreadsheets
Designing offer templates
To include IBM® Digital Recommendations categories
To define the client list
Designing attributes
Campaign attributes
Cell attributes
Offer attributes
Attributs d'offre standard dans Campaign
About offer attribute behavior options
About the Creative URL offer attribute
Attribute types for campaign, cell, and offer attributes
To create and enable a shared attribute
To create a TCS
Mapping IBM ® Campaign contact and response counts to Marketing Operations metrics
To map IBM ® Campaign contact and response counts to Marketing Operations metrics
About the metrics data mapping file
To add a data mapping file
Data Mapping Definitions page
To edit a data mapping file
Campaign project templates
To create a campaign project template
Project template Campaign tab for communicating with Campaign
Installing the Marketing Operations and Campaign Integration reports package
Installation prerequisites for the Integration Report Package
Run the IBM ® installer on the IBM® Cognos® system
Import the reports folder in Cognos® Connection
Step: Enable internal links in the reports
Step: Verify the data source names and publish
Step: Configure the IBM® Cognos® application's firewall
Step: Create the IBM® Cognos® data sources for the IBM® EMM application databases
Creating a campaign in an integrated environment
About campaign projects
About project codes and campaign codes
To create a project
To start a project
Campaign Summary section
To create a request
To change the status of multiple projects or requests
A propos des caractères spéciaux
Creating a linked campaign
To create a linked campaign
Updating a linked campaign
To update a linked campaign
Completing the TCS
About editing grid data
To add new grid rows
To edit grid rows
To delete grid rows
Publishing the TCS
To publish the TCS
To access a campaign in IBM ® Campaign
Updating cell status in the TCS
To update cell status data in the TCS
A propos des diagrammes
Création des diagrammes
About flowchart names
Création d'un diagramme
A propos des processus
Test des diagrammes
Exécution en test d'un diagramme
About approving the TCS
To approve an individual TCS row
To approve all rows in a TCS
To deny approval to all TCS rows
Exécution des diagrammes
Exécution d'un diagramme
Importing response and contact history
To import metrics from a campaign
Integration reports
Managing offers and offer templates in an integrated system
Offer workflow features
About integration with IBM® Digital Recommendations (optional)
Enabling offer integration in Marketing Operations
Importing offers from Campaign
Offer creation in an integrated system
Managing offer templates and attributes when offer integration is enabled
Managing offers when offer integration is enabled
Assigning offers and offer lists to cells when offer integration is enabled
Comment contacter le support technique IBM®
Règles de confidentialité et conditions d'utilisation