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Troubleshooting Campaign
Cell management
CellName column in UA_TargetCells table in rare cases is too small
Cannot edit cell code in TCS after cell code format change
Maximum precision for numeric or currency format custom attribute values is 15 digits
No prompt for saving after editing a Target Cell Spreadsheet
Cell List Report not exported to Excel if Campaign is configured using the domain name
Contact history and response tracking
Changes to additionally tracked fields are not reflected in existing flowcharts
Campaigns with treatments and contact history cannot be deleted
Offer attribute values are output as NULLs when mapped to additionally tracked fields in Response History
User-created response types from the UA_UsrResponseType table are not localized
Customizing campaigns
Error specifying smart offer list with custom attributes
Data Migration
Snapshot process that accepts a Score output cell as input appears unconfigured after it is migrated
New folders on the source system do not appear on the target system after data re-migration
Inferred response history records are migrated as direct responses
Stage 2 error after re-running Stage 5
Stage 2 consistency check fails for a campaign or session when the lock file is missing
Stage 3 fails to create default offer template
Stage 5 fails to migrate contact and response history records prior to year 2000
Error when migrating or re-migrating flowcharts
AGFs associated with retired features and migrated through a template fail to run
Data migration tools do not support SSL using SQL JDBC driver v1.2
Users cannot create new campaigns or run migrated flowcharts
DB2 error message SQL1224N occurs on AIX
DB2 incompatibility with some ODBC drivers on 64-bit operating systems
SQL error when running the Financial Summary report on DB2
Oracle 10.2 client does not give permissions to "others"
Oracle Error: ORA-01555: snapshot too old
Incorrect results from Select process with Netezza
Incorrect SHLIB_PATH for Teradata client TTU 8.1 on HP-UX
Invalid SQL if previously mapped tables in ODBC data sources contain DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP fields
Different languages for user tables are supported only if database is configured as UTF-8
How to interpret the DBINFO entry in the data dictionary file
How Campaign uses the TempFlag column
Installation and upgrades
Domain error occurs during install
On UNIX, upgrade installations fail when done by different users
Error 1786 Server process has exited
System tables did not map automatically
Error: Root Folder was not found
Localization and internationalization
Campaign does not convert currency values based on locale setting
Flowcharts and processes
Error saving flowchart after deleting an offer used in a process
A merge of two Select processes gives unexpected results
Raw SQL in midstream Select or Segment process requires <TempTable> token
<TempTable> use warning is not displayed if data source is changed to enable use of temp tables
Optimize process not cleaned up properly after crash
Problem profiling offer and cell UCGFs
Error: SERVER ignored previous N messages (server busy)
Branch or process flowchart runs are not displayed on the Monitoring page
Monitoring page does not display running flowcharts with WebSphere 6.1 and two nodes
How to shut down the server when flowcharts use triggers
Problem setting up a trigger with a wildcard on UNIX
Precision loss with large numbers or non-integer values
Data-driven offer attributes are not validated
Length of numeric database columns is changed on export
Cannot print flowcharts with Internet Explorer Print function
Wrong sort order error in the flowchart log file
Segment process displays Error 11302
Stored objects
Using a derived field to output time in 24-hour format
Custom macro Check Syntax button indicates error even when expression is valid
Use of random macro without a length argument profiles indefinitely
IBM ® Campaign configuration
Passing of metrics from Campaign to Marketing Operations limited to a single audience level
Out of memory error sometimes occurs in WebLogic
How to troubleshoot the date display format
Incorrect locale on HP-UX
Campaign interface
How to interpret the offer display list
Campaign session utility is unable to authenticate with the database
Campaign session utility does not run correctly
Unable to remove PID -1 listings in Campaign Server Manager
Campaign server creates a zero byte stack or core file
User administration and security
Security breach when using Campaign with impersonation on RHEL3
This edition applies to version 9, release 0, modification 0 of IBM ® Campaign and to all subsequent releases and modifications until otherwise indicated in new editions.
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