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Installation overview
Installation roadmap
How the installers work
Modes of installation
Interact documentation and help
Planning the Interact installation
Interact installation worksheet
Installation order for IBM® EMM products
Preparing data sources for Interact
Creating databases or schemas
Required databases or schemas for Interact
Creating ODBC or native connections
Configuring the web application server for your JDBC driver
Creating JDBC connections in the web application server
Information for creating JDBC connections
Installing Interact
Interact components
Installing Interact by using the GUI mode
Creating an EAR file after running the installer
Installing Interact by using the console mode
Installing Interact silently
Sample response files
Interact Report Package components
Configuring Interact before deployment
Creating and populating the Interact system tables
Creating Interact user profile tables
Running database scripts to enable Interact features
Registering Interact manually
Registering the Interact design time environment manually
Registering the Interact runtime environment manually
Deploying Interact
Deploying Interact on WebSphere® Application Server
Deploying Interact on WAS from a WAR file
Deploying Interact on WAS from an EAR file
Deploying Interact on WebLogic
Configuring Interact after deployment
Configuring Interact runtime environment properties
Multiple Interact runtime servers
Configuring multiple Interact runtime servers
Configuring the test run data source
Adding server groups
Selecting a server group for interactive flowchart test run
Configuring the contact and response history module
Creating Interact system users
Verifying the Interact installation
Configuring multiple partitions for Interact
How multiple partitions work
Setting up multiple partitions for the Interact design time environment
Uninstalling Interact
Before you contact IBM® technical support
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