Using the Web Connector Admin Page
The Web Connector includes an administration page that provides some tools to help manage and test the configuration as it might be used with specific URL patterns. You can also use the Admin Page to reload a configuration that you have modified.
About the Admin Page
Using any supported web browser, you can open http://host:port/interact/jsp/jsconnector.jsp, where host:port is the host name on which the Web Connector is running and the port on which it is listening for connections, such as
You can use the Admin Page in any of the following ways:
Click the Reload Configuration link to reload any configuration changes that have been saved on disk into memory. This is necessary when you have made changes directly to the Web Connector jsconnector.xml configuration file rather than using the configuration web pages.
View the WebConnector configuration based on the URL pattern you enter into the View Config field. When you enter the URL of a page and click View Config, the Web Connector returns the configuration that the system will use based on that that pattern mapping. If no match is found, the default configuration is returned. This is useful for testing whether the correct configuration is being used for a particular page.
Completing the fields on this page and clicking Execute Page Tag causes the Web Connector to return the pageTag result based on the URL pattern. This simulates the calling of a page tag.