Configuring the runtime environment user
After installing Interact, you must configure at least one Interact user, the runtime environment user.
The runtime environment user provides access to the runtime tables. This is the user name and password you use when deploying interactive channels. The runtime server uses the web application server JDBC authentication for the database credentials, therefore you do not have to add any runtime environment data sources to the runtime environment user.
All runtime servers belonging to the same server group must share the same user credentials. If you have separate Marketing Platform instances for each runtime server, you must create the same user and password on each.
If you are using a database load utility, you must define the runtime tables as a data source with login credentials for the runtime environment user. The name of this data source must be systemTablesDataSource.
If you enable security for JMX monitoring with the JMXMP protocol, you may need a separate user for JMX monitoring security.