SOAP prerequisites
Performance testing shows that the Java serialization adapter performs at a much higher rate than a generated SOAP client. For best performance, use the Java serialization adapter whenever possible.
To access the runtime server using SOAP, you must do the following:
Convert the Interact API WSDL using the SOAP toolkit of your choice.
The Interact API WSDL is installed with Interact in the Interact/conf directory.
The text of the WSDL is available at the end of this guide.
The runtime server must be running to fully test your integration.
SOAP Versions
Interact uses axis2 1.3 as the SOAP infrastructure on the Interact runtime servers. For details about what versions of SOAP axis2 1.3 supports, see the following Web site:
Apache Axis2
Interact was tested with the axis2, XFire, JAX-WS-Ri, DotNet, SOAPUI, and IBM® RAD SOAP clients.