IClientArgs clientArg, IInteractSession session,
boolean debug)
optimizeRecommendedList method workflow
The optimizeRecommendList method should take the list of recommended offers and the session data and return a list containing the requested number of offers. The optimizeRecommendList method should order the offers in some way, with your own learning algorithm. The list of offers must be ordered so that the offers you want to serve first are at the beginning of the list. For example, if your learning algorithm gives a low score to the best offers, the offers should be ordered 1, 2, 3. If your learning algorithm gives a high score to the best offers, the offers should be ordered 100, 99, 98.
The optimizeRecommendList method requires the following parameters:
recList-a list of the treatment objects (offers) recommended by the runtime environment.
clientArg-an IClientArgs object containing at least the number of offers requested by the runtime environment.
session-an IInteractSession object containing all the session data.
debug-a boolean. If true, indicates the logging level verbosity for the runtime environment system is set to debug. For best results, select this value before writing to a log.
If the optimizeRecommendList method fails, it throws a LearningException.
Return value
The optimizeRecommendList method returns a List of ITreatment objects.