Offer suppression table
The offer suppression table enables you to suppress an offer for a specific audience ID. For example, if your audience is Customer, you can suppress an offer for the customer John Smith. A version of this table for at least one audience level must exist in your production profile database. You can create a sample offer suppression table, UACI_BlackList by running the aci_usertab SQL script against your profile database. The aci_usertab SQL script is located in the ddl directory in your runtime environment installation directory.
You must define the AudienceID and OfferCode1 fields for each row. You can add additional columns if your Audience ID or Offer Code consists of multiple columns. These columns must match the column names defined in Campaign. For example if you define the audience Customer by the fields HHold_ID and MemberNum, you must add HHold_ID and MemberNum to the offer suppression table.
(Required) The name of this column must match the name of the column defining the audience ID in Campaign. If your audience ID consists of multiple columns, you can add them to this table. Each row must contain the audience ID to which you assign the default offer, for example, customer1.