Learning tables
If you are using Interact built-in learning, you must configure the learning tables. These tables contain all the data the built-in learning feature learns on.
If you are using dynamic learning attributes, you must populate the UACI_AttributeList table.
Learning involves writing to intermediate staging tables and aggregating information from staging tables to learning tables. The insertRawStatsIntervalInMinutes and aggregateStatsIntervalInMinutes configuration properties in the Interact > offerserving > Built-in Learning Config category determine how often the learning tables get populated.
The insertRawStatsIntervalInMinutes attribute determines how often the accept and contact information for each customer and offer is moved from memory to the staging tables, UACI_OfferStatsTX and UACI_OfferAllTx. The information stored in the staging tables is aggregated and moved to UACI_OfferStats and UACI_OfferStatsAll tables at regular intervals determined by the aggregateStatsIntervalInMinutes configuration property.
Interact built-in learning uses this data to calculate final scores for offers.