About JMX monitoring
Interact provides Java Management Extensions (JMX) monitoring service that you can access with any JMX monitoring application. This JMX monitoring enables you to monitor and manage your runtime servers. The JMX attributes provide a lot of detailed information about the runtime server. For example, the JMX attribute ErrorCount gives the number of error messages logged since last reset or system start. You can use this information to see how often there are errors in your system. If you have coded your web site to only call an end session if someone completes a transaction, you could also compare the startSessionCount to the endSessionCount to see how many transactions are incomplete.
Interact supports the RMI and JMXMP protocols, as defined by JSR 160. You can connect to the JMX monitoring service with any JSR160-compliant JMX client.
Interactive flowcharts can be monitored with JMX monitoring only. Information about Interactive flowcharts does not appear in Campaign Monitoring.
If you are using IBM® WebSphere® with a node manager, you must define the Generic JVM Argument to enable JMX monitoring.
To configure Interact to use JMX monitoring with the RMI protocol
To configure Interact to use JMX monitoring with the JMXMP protocol
Using the jconsole scripts
JMX attributes
JMX operations