Interact | general
These configuration properties define general settings for your runtime environment environment, including the default logging level and the locale setting.
The location of the file containing the log4j properties. This path must be relative to the INTERACT_HOME environment variable. INTERACT_HOME is the location of the Interact installation directory.
Default value
The asmUserForDefaultLocale property defines the IBM® EMM user from which Interact derives its locale settings.
The locale settings define what language displays in the design time and what language advisory messages from the Interact API are in. If the locale setting does not match your machines operating system settings, Interact still functions, however the design time display and advisory messages may be in a different language.
Default value
Interact | general | learningTablesDataSource
Interact | general | prodUserDataSource
Interact | general | systemTablesDataSource
Interact | general | testRunDataSource
Interact | general | contactAndResponseHistoryDataSource
Interact | general | idsByType