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The jndiSettings category contains the configuration for the JNDI data source the loader will use to communicate with the backing database. To create a new set of JNDI settings, expand the jdniSettings category and click the (jndiSetting) property.
When you click this category, a form appears. To define a JNDI data source, complete the following values:
New category name is the name you want to use to identify this JNDI connection.
enabled lets you indicate whether you want this JNDI connection to be available for use or not. Set this to True for new connections.
jdniName is the JNDI name that has already been defined in the data source when it was set up.
providerUrl is the URL to find this JNDI data source. If you leave this field blank, the URL of the web application that hosts the Interact run time is used.
Initial context factory is the fully qualified class name of the initial context factory class for connecting to the JNDI provider. If the web application hosting the Interact run time is used for the providerUrl, leave this field blank.
Default value