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The configuration properties in this category control the Interact Cache that is automatically used by your Interact installation. These settings must be configured individually for each Interact run time server.
The time in millisecond that the cache manager EHCache should wait before it replicates any changes to other Interact run time instances. If the value is not positive, those changes will be replicated synchronously.
This configuration property is not created by default. If you create this property, it is used only when EHCache is the cache manager, and when the ehCache cacheType property is set to distributed.
Default value
A template that you can use to create a custom parameter to be used with the Intearct Cache. You can set up any parameter name, and the value it must have.
To create a custom parameter, click (Parameter) and complete the name and the value you want to assign to that parameter. When you click Save Changes, the parameter you have created is added to the list in the Parameter Data category.
Default value