Deploying and running the Message Connector
The IBM® Interact Message Connector is deployed as a stand-alone web application on a supported web application server.
Before you can deploy the Message Connector, be sure that the following tasks have been complete:
You must have installed the IBM® Interact runtime server. The deployable Message Connector application is automatically installed along with the runtime server, and is ready to deploy from your Interact home directory.
Just as you deploy other IBM® applications on a web application server before you can run them, you must deploy the Message Connector application to make it available for serving offers.
Replace <Interact_home> with the actual directory into which the Interact runtime server is installed.
The Message Connector is now available for use. After you have configured your Interact installation to create the underlying data that the Message Connector will use to provide offers, such as interactive channels and strategies, flowcharts, offers, and so on, you can create the links in your electronic media that the Message Connector will accept.