Installing the Web Connector on the runtime server
An instance of the Web Connector is installed automatically with your IBM® Interact runtime server, and is enabled by default. However, there are some settings you must modify before you can configure and use the Web Connector.
The settings you must modify before you can use the Web Connector that is installed on the runtime server are added to the web application server's configuration. For that reason, you will need to restart the web application server after completing these steps.
For the web application server on which the Interact runtime server is installed, set the following Java properties:
Replace <jsconnectorHome> with the path to the jsconnector directory on the runtime server, which is <Interact_Home>/jsconnector.
The way in which you set the Java properties depends on your web application server. For example, in WebLogic, you would edit the or startWebLogic.cmd file to update the JAVA_OPTIONS setting, as in this example:
In WebSphere® Application Server, you would set this property in the Java virtual machine panel of the administration console.
See your web application server documentation for specific instructions on setting Java properties.
When the web application server has completed its startup process, you have finished installing the Web Connector on the runtime server. The next step is to connect to its Configuration web page at http://<host>:<port>/interact/jsp/WebConnector.jsp, where <host> is the Interact runtime server name, and <port> is the port on which the Web Connector is listening, as specified by the web application server.