The getVersion method returns the version of the current implementation of the Interact runtime server.
Best practice is to use this method when you initialize the touchpoint with the Interact API.
Return value
The runtime server responds to the getVersion with a Response object with the following attributes populated:
This example shows a simple way to call getVersion and process the results.
response = api.getVersion();
/** Process the response appropriately */
// check if response is successful or not
if(response.getStatusCode() == Response.STATUS_SUCCESS)
System.out.println("getVersion call processed with no warnings or errors");
System.out.println("API Version:" + response.getApiVersion(););
else if(response.getStatusCode() == Response.STATUS_WARNING)
System.out.println("getVersion call processed with a warning");
System.out.println("getVersion call processed with an error");

// For any non-successes, there should be advisory messages explaining why
if(response.getStatusCode() != Response.STATUS_SUCCESS)