getValue(audienceID, configData, arguments)
The getValue method performs the core functionality of the callout and returns the results.
The getValue method requires the following parameters:
audienceID - a value which identifies the audience ID.
configData - a map with key-value pairs of configuration data required by the callout.
arguments - the arguments required by the callout. Each argument can be a String, Double, Date, or a List of one of these. A List argument can contain null values, however, a List cannot contain, for example, a String and a Double.
Argument type checking should be done within your implementation.
If the getValue method fails for any reason, it returns CalloutException.
Return value
The getValue method returns a list of Strings.
public List<String> getValue(AudienceId audienceId, Map<String, 
String> configurationData, Object... arguments) throws CalloutException
Long customerId = (Long) audienceId.getComponentValue("Customer");
// now query scoreQueryUtility for the credit score of customerId
Double score = scoreQueryUtility.query(customerId);
String str = Double.toString(score);
List<String> list = new LinkedList<String>();
return list;