The getDefaultString method returns the default string for the interaction point as defined in Campaign.
If the RecommendedOffers object is empty, you should configure your touchpoint to present this string to ensure some content is presented. Interact populates the DefaultString object only if the RecommendedOffers object is empty.
Return value
The getDefaultString method returns a string.
The following example gets the default string if the offerList object does not contain any offers.
OfferList offerList=response.getOfferList();
if(offerList.getRecommendedOffers() != null)
for(Offer offer : offerList.getRecommendedOffers())
System.out.println("Offer Name:"+offer.getOfferName());
else // count on the default Offer String
System.out.println("Default offer:"+offerList.getDefaultString());