Interact architecture
The Interact environment consists of at least two major components, design environment and the runtime environment. You may have optional testing runtime servers as well. The following figure shows the high-level architecture overview.
Product architecture showing production runtime, test runtime, and design-time servers
The design environment is where you perform the majority of your Interact configuration. The design environment is installed with the Campaign web application and references the Campaign system tables and your customer databases. You use the design environment to define the interaction points and events you use with the API.
After you design and configure how you want the runtime environment to handle customer interactions, you deploy that data to either a staging server group for testing or a production runtime server group for real-time customer interaction.
The Interact API provides the connection between your touchpoint and the runtime server. You reference objects (interaction points and events) created in the design environment with the Interact API and use them to request information from the runtime server.