Global offers and individual assignments
You can configure the runtime environment to assign specific offers beyond the treatment rules configured on the Interaction Strategy tab. You can define global offers for any member of an audience level and individual assignments for specific audience members. For example, you can define a global offer for all households to see when no others are available, and then create an individual offer assignment for the specific Smith household.
You can constrain both global offers and individual assignments by zone, cell, and offer inclusion rules. Both global offers and individual assignments are configured by adding data to specific tables in your production profile database.
For global offers and individual assignments to function properly, all referenced cell and offer codes must exist in the deployment. To ensure the required data is available, you must configure default cell codes and the UACI_ICBatchOffers table.
To define the default cell codes
To define the UACI_ICBatchOffers table
About the global offers table
To enable the global offer table
Global offer table
About the score override table
To enable score override table
Score override table