About the ExternalCallout API
Interact offers an extensible macro, EXTERNALCALLOUT, for use with your interactive flowcharts. This macro enables you to perform custom logic to communicate with external systems during flowchart runs. For example, if you want to calculate the credit score of a customer during a flowchart run, you can create a Java class (a callout) to do so and then use the EXTERNALCALLOUT macro in a Select process in your interactive flowchart to get the credit score from your callout.
Configuring EXTERNALCALLOUT has two major steps. First, you must create a Java class which implements the ExternalCallout API. Second, you must configure the necessary Marketing Platform configuration properties on the runtime server in the Interact | flowchart | ExternalCallouts category.
In addition to the information in this section, the JavaDoc for the ExternalCallout API is available on any Interact runtime server in the Interact/docs/externalCalloutJavaDoc directory.
IAffiniumExternalCallout interface
ExternalCallout API example
IInteractProfileDataService interface