WebConnector Configuration HTML Display Types
Use the HTML Display Types page to determine the HTML code that will be provided for each interaction point on the page. You can choose from the list of default templates (.flt files) that contain some combination of cascading style sheet (CSS) code, HTML code, and JavaScript code to use for each interaction point. You can use the templates as provided, customize them as needed, or create your own.
Configuration settings on this page correspond to the interactionPoints section of the jsconnector.xml configuration file.
The interaction point can also contain placeholders (zones) into which offer attributes can be dropped automatically. For example, you might include ${offer.TREATMENT_CODE}which would be replaced with the treatment code assigned to that offer during the interaction.
The templates that appear on this page are loaded automatically from the files stored in <Interact_home>/jsconnector/conf/html directory of the Web Connector server. Any new templates you create here are also stored in that directory.
To use the HTML Display Types page to view or modify any of the existing templates, select the .flt file from the list.
To create a new template on the HTML Display Types page, click Add a Type.
Regardless of the method you choose to create or modify a template, the following information appears next to the template list:
If you are creating a new template, this field is preset to CHANGE_ME.flt. You must change this to a meaningful value before continuing.
${BEGIN_HTML} <your HTML content> ${END_HTML}
${BEGIN_CSS} <your Interaction Point-specific stylesheet information> ${END_CSS}
${BEGIN_JAVASCRIPT} <your Interaction Point-specific JavaScript code> ${END_JAVASCRIPT}
${logAsAccept} : A macro that takes two parameters (a target URL, and the TreatmentCode used to identify the acceptance of the offer) and replaces it with the click-through URL.
Each of the offer codes listed here represent offer attributes defined in the offer template in IBM® Campaign that was used by the marketer to create the offers that Interact is returning.
Your changes to this page are saved automatically when you navigate to another Web Connector configuration page.